A Kitten Story

To encourage you today 

Does God really care about you?

Does God really answer your prayers?

The story is told of a pastor who saved a homeless little kitten from the street but this kitten was mischievous and always getting into trouble.  One day the kitten climbed a high tree in the pastor’s back yard and then the kitten couldn’t get down.

His “meow” was distressing! The tree was tall and too thin for the pastor to climb. So he had a bright idea to tie a rope to the tree as high as he could and then tie the rope to the tow bar on his car and slowly he drove forward bending the tree down so he could get the naughty kitten ….closer, closer… just bit further…… Snap! The rope snapped and the tree sprang violently back to the upright position sending the kitten sailing through the air.  The pastor searched and searched but couldn’t  find the kitten.   

The next day the pastor was in the grocery store and one of his congregation who lived in his street was there buying cat food. He knew she hated cats and asked what’s the cat food for?  The lady said her daughter has been desperately praying for a kitten, in fact she was in the back yard on her knees praying for a kitten only yesterday and you won’t believe what happened.  

I saw it with my own eyes! A kitten suddenly came flying out of the blue sky and landed right in front of her! The mum had said if a kitten falls from heaven you can keep it!  And that’s just what happened. 

So be encouraged today, God knows what you’re going through and God does care about you and He does hear your prayers and yes He does answer prayer.

God bless you heaps

Pastor Nigel 

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