A Very Bunny Story

Easter Faith Message.  A man was driving along and the Easter bunny hopped out from the side of the road carrying his basket of Easter eggs.  The man swerved and hit the brakes pulling his car to a grinding halt trying desperately to miss the bunny but hit him head on!  When the man got out to survey the damage he found a broken basket and smashed chocolate eggs all over the road !  Sadly, he found the bunny was dead !  “Oh no!”, he cried.  “I’ve killed the Easter bunny!”

“Oh no!”, he cried.  “I’ve killed the Easter bunny!”

The man loved animals and was wrought with grief and as he started to cry a lady pulled up and asked what happened.  He said through his tears and grief  “I’ve killed the Easter Bunny!“  The lady calmly walked to her car, retrieved a spray can and proceeded to spray the dead bunny with its contents.  In just a few moments the bunny hopped up, grabbed his basket, picked up all the eggs and bounced off down the road with his basket in paw.  As he bounced away he looked back at the man and kept waving until he was out of sight.  The man was astonished!  He asked the lady what was in the spray can that brought the bunny back to life?  The lady said “It’s just my HARE SPRAY!  It brings dead Hare back to life, gives new vitality and everlasting WAVES.” LOL.

We all know that hair spray can’t give you new life but there is one person that can.  He came to earth, was crucified on a cross, took all our sin and shame and made a way so each and every one of us can be right with God.  He was laid dead in a borrowed tomb and on the third day He rose from the dead and walked out alive.  He smashed death to pieces and if we place our faith in this man called Jesus then we too shall never die but have eternal life.

Truth is there is a heaven and a hell.  Where will you spend your eternity?  Eternal life is a free gift and all you have to do is receive it by faith.  Why not make that decision today?  Don’t be a dead bunny hit by a car.  God has an awesome plan for your life.  Find yourself in church this Easter Sunday and every Sunday.

God bless you heaps 

Pastor Nigel. 

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