A Young Mariner in a storm

The story is told of a young mariner being trained by an experienced skipper on how to handle a boat in stormy weather. The wind was blowing a gale and the waves were bashing the boat and the boat was on the verge of sinking. Now because he was afraid, the young mariner started to turn the boat around and head back into the harbor.  Quickly, the skipper grabbed the helm and set the bow of the boat directly into the wind and the waves. “Are you mad?” shouted the young mariner!  

The experienced skipper looked the young man in the eye and said “When the storm is bad you must point the bow of your boat into the wind and the waves!  If you try and go along beside the waves, the storm will roll the boat over and you’ll drown.  If you you turn around with your back to the storm the waves will chase you down and come over the back of the boat and sink you!”  The young mariner then noticed how the boat went head on into the waves and then rose up on top of the waves and down the other side. After a while the storm subsided and the skipper gave back the helm to the young mariner and all was well. 

The young mariner had learned a valuable life lesson. When you’re in a storm, whether it be in your marriage or your family or your health or your finances or your relationships, “point your bow directly into the wind and the waves. Keep the boat straight and rise up on the waves and over them. Let God be your experienced skipper. Take His advice found in the Bible and be obedient to what the skipper says to do and you won’t drown.   Trust God with your boat and with your life, storms don’t last forever. Which way is your boat pointed today?

If you don’t have a skipper, you need one and He is only one prayer away. IInvite God into your heart today and have “the best day ever “

Pastor Nigel. 


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