Asking the Right Question

FRIDAY’S FAITH MESSAGE to encourage you today.  Question for you, why is life so hard? Have you ever asked that question?  Maybe you’re in a world of hurt right now or you could be facing a painful situation.  What challenge are you facing today?
  • Maybe a health issue
  • The loss of a loved one
  • Relationship drama 
  • Family pain
  • Financial trouble 
  • Or you could be at a cross road in your life and you need to make some big decisions


None of us are exempt from the trials of life.  Maybe we could ask a better question, how can I grow and learn as I go through this difficult time in my life?  I encourage you to press in and press through, the best is yet to come!  You see friends it takes faith to get you through the hard times.  Faith doesn’t make the hard times go away, faith gets you through in a better way:


  • It takes faith to move that mountain …
  • It takes faith to deliver you ..
  • It takes faith to see a better day coming…
  • It takes faith to have peace in the midst of your storm..
  • It takes faith to be victorious 

Truth is, you cannot change what you avoid

No faith, no victory.  It’s simple childlike faith that causes God to move on your behalf.  I used to get beat up at school and my  grandma used to say, “Nigel! When you can take a likin’, you’ll keep on tickin’.”  Truth is, you cannot change what you avoid.  Press in and press through with God!  Troubles in life can break you or they can make you.  The choice is yours.

We may not be able to change the circumstances or the situation but we can change the way we respond. It’s how we respond that determines how we come through.  Jesus made this big bold statement, He said, “I am the “Way” the truth and the life.”  Sadly most of this world has lost its way.  But if you have faith in God then you have the “Way”.  And if you have a relationship with God then you know the “Way”.  Wisdom says, if you are lost and don’t know the way then for God’s sake and yours, stop and ask someone for directions.

God bless you heaps 

Pastor Nigel 

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