Are you ready to fly away?

Just a little faith filled message to encourage you.  Nothing teaches us more about life , than death.  When confronted with the brevity of


Feeling a bit tired?

FRIDAY is here again, welcome to Friday’s Faith Message to encourage you today!


  • Are you feeling weary today? 
  • What does “weary” mean?


Not enough Time

A little faith message to encourage you on your journey today. 
  • Is time speeding up? It certainly feels like it is …..
  • Is there not enough time in the day to get things done?
  • Is your “list to do” getting bigger?


A Flying Start?

Has your 2018 got off to a flying start …or are you still struggling with stuff from 2017? Truth is, IT’S NOT HOW YOU START that matters … IT’S HOW YOU FINISH THAT COUNTS!


Letter for Santa

Hope you’re not in a FRIZ this week as we celebrate Jesus’s birthday?

A mums letter to Santa!

Dear Santa,  

All I want for Christmas is two legs that don’t ache after chasing kids all day. 


Christmas Kindness

FRODAY FRODAY FRODAY! That’s how Scottish people say FRIDAY.  Has anyone ever ever ever ….done you a great act of kindness?  How did you feel? Have you ever been extremely kind to someone, even when they don’t deserve it?


Coffee, Egg or Potato

A father had a daughter that was always complaining ….

She kept saying that her life was miserable and she was sick of everything going wrong in her life … she couldn’t understand why all these bad things happened to her …

She was tired of fighting and struggling all the time.  Her father took her into the


satan’s garage sale

Just a little encouragement for you today. 

Once upon a time satan had a garage sale spread out on his front lawn ….burnt grass and all!  There were lots of shiny trinkets and toys…and there were lots of assorted tools designed to tear others apart…