Peace even in battle

Are you in a storm at the moment?  Does it feel like you’re fighting one battle after another?  It’s ok to be in the storm, just don’t let the storm be in you.  Have you ever been around those itchy, scratchy, cranky, irritable people who are in a storm and they are miserable and they want to make your life miserable and they want you to be miserable with them?  Life is filled with storms and chaos but it’s no reason to be miserable.  Storms come and storms go, question is,  can you hold it together in the midst of a storm?

  • You may have lost a loved one
  • Your marriage may be in a mess
  • Your bank account could be empty
  • You may be facing a health issue
  • Your children may be out of control
  • Your best friend may have dumped you
  • You may have so much pressure on you that you are ready to explode 


But if you just stay calm the storm will pass.  If you choose to stay peaceful and be kind then you will make better choices. Peaceful people are beautiful on the inside. Peaceful people go through stuff with dignity and strength.  Peaceful people are a joy to be around.  So choose to hold the onto your peace and maintain your peace.  If you don’t have peace, then get off your bum go and find it, find it in Jesus, go after and pursue a relationship with God!  If you’re  waiting for your life to perfect before you will allow yourself to be happy, then you’ll never be happy.

Happiness is an inside job.  Peaceful people are powerful people. Read this in your bible today – Philippians 4:7.

And the peace of God which surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

Make the decision today to be peaceful regardless of your circumstances.  God bless you heaps.

Pastor Nigel 

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