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June 2019

Navigating the Storm

Storms in life are inevitable for us all. They can come at us from many different fronts (eg. finances, health, relationships, work, school, burdens). How do we handle them? More importantly what does God’s say? We must hold on tight to our faith, to His Word and promise

May 2019

What is our Purpose?

What is our Purpose?  Why are we alive? What’s it all about? Why is it so? Many have asked these questions and many answers offered.  Here’s the truth of the matter. 

Forgive and Forgiven

Sometimes we struggle to understand the things of God.  This shouldn’t surprise us as His Word tells us His ways are not our ways.  Sometimes the Lord requires things from us that we find very difficult.  One such example is the command to forgive all people of all sin always. By ourselves this is im