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July 2018

Unto Perfection

Who likes a hard truth? We read in the Bible that Jesus was (and still is by the way) perfect.  His birth circumstances were rather special so what chance do we have to be perfect? As always we find the answer in God’s Word.  We also read that Jesus was made perfect so there is hope for us.  Jesus shows us how to do it.  Through suffering, trials, tribulation and discipline

June 2018

Moses Fled

What’s in your hand? God asked this of Moses in Exodus, it was a rod. He threw it down and it became a serpent.  Fear gripped Moses and he fled.  God’s response? Pick it up.  God has given each of us talent to use for His glory.  Are you using it?  Fear presents us with three choices 1) Freeze 2) Flee 3) Fight.  What is your response to this tactic of the enem

The Temple of God – Building the Temple (Part Four)

Who likes sequels? Yes, as long as they’re as good or better than the previous outing.  Troy told us this was a big series and we agree this chapter is awesome!  This session titled, Precious Furnishings, takes us further into how we need to dig deep into God to find the precious gems.   These gems are not earthly but have eternal value, they glorify God and draw people into God’s Kindg

The Feasts of Israel

There is significance for us today in the Jewish Feasts that our God initiated.  They are one of many things that link the Old Testament with the New Testament.  By understanding at least a little about the Feasts, we gain great spiritual insight into the Kingdom of God. 

May 2018

Miracles Happen

Do you believe that miracles still happen?  The source of all miracles is God Himself. Today that is available to believers via Holy Spirit.  What happens if a believer loses this power?  He or she is ineffective.  Join Pastor Hugh as he shares insight into how we need God’s power for the miraculous and how to get it back if we lose it. He shares 6 main points: