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April 2019

Faith, Words and Nothing

God is a master builder, His Word tells us so. This raises some valid questions for us. What is God’s raw building material? What are His tools? What currency does the Lord use to transact with? Join Pastor Bob Bain as he reveals God’s answers to these questions and how it’s super important for us today.

Be About T.E.C.H.

Technology is now a big part of our lives.Like most things in the world, there are issues with it but it can be an effective tool to reach people. Reaching people is what Jesus calls us to do, we must go where the people are. In this message Troy will briefly show you some of the elements with ou

March 2019

God Wants all of You

Once we’ve accepted the gift of Jesus we become citizens of Heaven right now. It is our privilege to then bring the things of Heaven to earth right now. We do this by abiding in Him, by being aware of His presence all the time. Our God loves us so much and He’s a jealous God. He desires to know us and be in an intimate relationship with Him