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January 2019

Just Imagine

The Imagine Project – what is it? Is it a new ministry centre for Hope Community Church (which is a miracle by the way)? Yes, but it’s so much more!  Hope is here to stay because God will have His way. Just imagine a place where the Lord is free to do His best work in people by the Holy Spirit.  Imagine the lame walking and the blind being able to see.  

God’s Loving Kindness

We usually get what we expect so for 2019 let’s raise our expectations. One way to do this is in the power of God’s loving kindness which is a miracle. This love changes hearts and minds and transforms lives. The answers to all of our problems, big and

December 2018


Welcome to this series, To Get What You Want, Want What God Wants.  Think about the title, does it ring true for you? The series summary is as follows: