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May 2019

Forgive and Forgiven

Sometimes we struggle to understand the things of God.  This shouldn’t surprise us as His Word tells us His ways are not our ways.  Sometimes the Lord requires things from us that we find very difficult.  One such example is the command to forgive all people of all sin always. By ourselves this is im

My Mother’s Day Testimony, The Two Mites

Here’s a wonderful testimony of love, sacrifice, forgiveness and God’s miraculous grace many times over. Abby is one of thirteen (13) children and there were struggles and times of overwhelm. This story has transcontinental travel, miraculous tales of survival, a mother’s love, the power of the

God’s Finishing Grace

Have you ever been in a race? What was it like? Did you win or come last? We’re all in the race of life but according to God, it’s not about coming first. How you start doesn’t matter, it’s how you finish that counts. It’s all about finishing well. Maybe your dreams have not yet come to pass? Perhaps your goals and to dos from last year remain incomplete? That’