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November 2018

New Wine

God’s plan A is the local church, there is no plan B.  He is looking for willing vessels, people,  to carry His presence and His anointing to reach the lost.  He is seeking those who want more of Him, those who want to be filled up and He’s more than happy to use broken vessels (people).  In our weaknesses, His Holy Spirit is strong. The Lo

Faithful Unity

Welcome to this series, To Get What You Want, Want What God Wants.  Think about the title, does it ring true for you? The series summary is as follows: Getting Right with God by Having the Mind of Christ to 

The Temple of God – Building The Temple (Part Seven)

What a journey this series has been!  Join assistant pastor Troy as he wraps up the series by delving more deeply into the why.  Why are we to build the Temple of God within us, why are we still on earth after salvation? At the end of the book of Revelation we’re given some answers.  The purpose of the revelation, to encourage u

October 2018

Take a Breath, Love Your Neighbour

Relationships. They are the key to our lives both now and into eternity.  God loves us and calls us to love Him and those around us.  The Gospel of Jesus is simple, love your neighbour.  Why is this so hard for us?  Perhaps you’re overcomitted? Our lives have become too busy, too crowded and confused.  When we’re confused, we’re easily led astray and are distracted from our calling.  Stop. Take a breath, take care of yourself first so we can then help others.  With the blood of the lamb and guidance of the Holy Spirit we can do this. 

I’m Insignificant, Who am I?

Do you feel too small to be useful for God?  Are you circumstances debilitating?  Do you think you’re insignificant?  Well, thank again! Join Pastor Ken as he shares the truth about you from the story in 2 Kings 5:1-15.   The faithfulness of little servant girl impacted two kings, a general, a prophet and two nations!  God’s Word is powerf