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September 2018

Effective Prayer

Be encouraged to make time to listen to this powerful message from Pastor Ken.  It’s all about the importance, power and necessity of prayer.  Without prayer, we’re nothing! Prayer is about relationship with God, real relationship. Something happens when God’s people pray. Join Ken as he shares the type of prayers that God responds to (fervent & passionate, faith filled, focused & as a family)

It’s Father’s Day

The family is God’s design and the father has an important role to play. As children of God, we’re all called to work with the Lord to bring His Kingdom to Earth, to leave a legacy for those who will follow.  As we celebrate our fathers today, let’s not forget our perfect, loving and amazing heavenly Father.  We can honour God by imitating Him and fulfilling His will.
Proverbs 17:6

August 2018

Weed Your Garden

Join Assistant Pastor Rebecca as she shares some of her awesome testimony glorifying the goodness of God. Learn how when you trust God, healing will come.
Isaiah 53:5; 1 Peter 2:24; Matthew 9:20-22; 14:34-36

The Temple of God – Building the Temple (Part Five)

God calls each of us to work with Holy Spirit to build up the Temple of God (For us, this is our very bodies because we are now the Temple of God).  In this session, Assistant Pastor Troy talks about how we need to Protect the Temple.  We’re building something special with the Lord, for His glory and His purposes (to bring others into an eternal relationship with Him).  Our work is in danger from

July 2018

How I Met Jesus

The story of how people met Jesus will be unique for each individual.  What doesn’t change however is that it’s a supernatural encounter, a life changing experience.  Join Pastor Nigel as he shares stories from the Bible of some of those who met Jesus.  Can you remember what is was like when you first fell in love with Jesus?  Does that passion need stirring up again? He needs to be our first love and we need to keep coming to Him with childlike faith.  
Acts 9:1-8; Mark 16:15