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April 2018

The Temple of God – Building the Temple (Part Two)

Who likes to believe that if we were with the Israelites after God took them out of bondage in Egypt, we would have listened to God?  We wouldn’t complain, we’d be patient, we’d never forget His miracles and we’d be obedient, right?  That’s a sobering thought.  What can we learn from their mistakes?  Jesus saves us, because we can’t sa

Embracing the Pain – Part Two

Why me Lord? Is that a familiar response to you when it comes to painful situations? Does fear of pain control you?  Do you see pain as an opportunity or an obstacle? Join Pastor Nigel as he challenges us to respond to pain God’s way. When pain comes, run to God, not from God.  Don’t waste your pain because you have a choice to become better or bitter.  Trai

March 2018

Embracing the Pain – Part One

Is pain good for you? Is pain a part of God’s plan? Most of us learn that pain is bad, to be avoided and even feared.  This makes a great tool for our enemy to use against us. What does God have to say about it? Could pain actually be good for you? Join Pastor Nigel as he challenges us to look at pain in a positive way.  A way that shuts the door on the devil