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October 2016

How to be Rock Solid in the Kingdom of God

Troy Lane (pastor in training)
What are rocks? What does God say about them in His Word? What have rocks to do with us today?

The Love of God, What is it?

Bill Murray 
The Love of God. What love is this?

The Love of God

Troy Lane (pastor in training)
Sermon 10th February 2016
God’s love is demonstrated in action, not feelings.  This has been recently demonstrated with a pot of tea!

September 2016

When two worlds collide

Pastor Nigle Allwood
Sermon 25th September 2016
When the kingdom of Light collides with the kingdom of Darkness there is a forceful impact.

Just bake your cake

Pastor Nigel Allwood 
Sermon 18th September 2016
When things seem hopeless, that’s when we need to keep pushing forward in faith.