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March 2018

Embracing the Pain – Part One

Is pain good for you? Is pain a part of God’s plan? Most of us learn that pain is bad, to be avoided and even feared.  This makes a great tool for our enemy to use against us. What does God have to say about it? Could pain actually be good for you? Join Pastor Nigel as he challenges us to look at pain in a positive way.  A way that shuts the door on the devil

But Mary

At the empty tomb of Jesus, Mary saw everything, the disciples did not. Why? Mary stayed just a little longer, time was the only difference.  Mary had just a bit more hunger and thirst for the Lord and it looked like something.  There are four (4) points we can learn from Mary in this instance. 
1) Like Mary, we

February 2018

The Temple of God – Building the Temple (Part One)

Do you ever ponder the enormity that you are the temple of God? That is truly astonishing.  Think about it, God chooses you as His dwelling place on the Earth, wow!  We can learn a great deal about the first Temple of God in the Bible.  Come on this journey and learn more about your role as the Temple of God, clearly we need to build it but ther

Overcoming Fear

Is fear holding you back from your calling in the Lord? Most of us struggle with this but fear is NOT of God and it’s time to step into the life the Lord has for you.  Your calling, your ministry (what you will do for the Lord in life) awaits.
2 Timothy 1:7; 1 John 4:18

January 2018

Washing the Bride’s Feet

Jesus demonstrated how we are to treat one another, especially our brothers and sisters in Christ. One of His last acts before returning to the Father was washing the feet of the disciples.  Join Pastor Nigel and learn how we are to wash one another’s feet today by following the example of Jesus.
Mark 10:45; John 13

December 2017

Giants that Oppose our Destiny

Many people are familiar with the story of David and Goliath but did you know that Goliath had four (4) brothers?  As always there is meaning in everything God reveals to us and in this case Goliath’s brothers were also giants and their names have meanings. Join Pastor Ken as he shares with us how Goliath and his brothers represent the giants we must battle in our lives today.  The great news is that with Jesus on our side we can slay these giants. 
1 Samuel 17:45-46; John 15:1-2 & 7-8; 


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Renewing Your Mind

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Renewing Your Mind

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Renewing Your Mind

Part 3


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