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May 2018

Miracles Happen

Do you believe that miracles still happen?  The source of all miracles is God Himself. Today that is available to believers via Holy Spirit.  What happens if a believer loses this power?  He or she is ineffective.  Join Pastor Hugh as he shares insight into how we need God’s power for the miraculous and how to get it back if we lose it. He shares 6 main points:

Kingdom Mindsets

Join Rebecca as she shares this powerfully prophetic word from God.  Our nation, Australia, has been set apart for Kingdom purposes.  Today the Lord wants to give you your plough so you can till the soil, plant the seed and reap the harvest of souls for Him.  Love is the currency of God’s Kingdom and we need it to fulfill our calling in Him.  Without love, we are broke and broken, Jesus came to restore all things.  Spend time with

The Temple of God – Building the Temple (Part Three)

The delivery of this sermon, like all of mine, is surely not perfect.  Nevertheless, I’ve no doubt it was delivered by the power of God.  I say this because as our Sunday service was about to start I became aware of a missed call from my mother.  I did su

God’s Not Dead

God’s not dead, He’s surely alive! Join Pastor Nigel on this awesome testimony on why he knows God is alive. The biggest confirmations come from witnessing the miraculous.  This is an amazing list of God’s grace.  There’s the changes in himself and others, multiple healings, answered prayers and baptisms.  Of course, let’s not forget the amazing Ima

April 2018

This is Amazing Grace

Jesus came to reveal the amazing grace of God.  What is this grace?  One awesome definition is the undeserved favour of God to sinful man.  His grace is motivated by His love for us and is completely free.  Nothing we can do will make God love us more  or less, that’s amazing grace. The Word of God gives us multiple examples of what th