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November 2017

The 7th Hand

Jesus said that we can do nothing without Him.  What does He mean by that? We see people doing things without Him all the time.  He means we can do nothing of eternal value without Him.  Join Pastor Nigel as he explains how without God, man can only reach the 6th hand, that’s the limit of man.  We need the 7th hand of the Holy Spirit to do His will.  Here’s a thought though, the 7th hand only comes into play when the 6th hand has been offered first. 
John 15:5; Ezekiel 43:10-13

September 2017

The Success of Failure

All of those used mightily by God, failed. Their failure did not stop God’s plan nor does it define them, God did not give up on them.  Consider Gideon who failed to recognise his identity as a mighty man of valour (God’s words) and that God was with him.  Jonah failed to obey God..  Nevertheless God used this failure to save the other sailers on the ship.  Failure is not the end.. .
Hebrews 11:30-38; Judges 6:1-16; Judges 8; Jonah

Same Sex Marriage

Homosexuals, Lesbians and Transgender people are welcome in our church.”
It is not our job to judge others and no we’re not perfect, we have planks in our own eyes, we’re all a work in progress.  We’re called to love people and live the truth. We’re called to be a light to the world.  God’s Word is true and it’s His job via Ho

Vision: Behold the Heavenly Cake

Troy Lane
Sermon 03/09/2017
We often hear how important it is to have vision so we have direction in all aspects of our lives.  Once you have the vision, don’t let go of it, no matter what.  Using the analogy of baking a cake Troy takes us on a journey of being like a kid baking a cake only doing so with Jesus as our guide.

August 2017

The Cave of Adullam

Ken Willick
Sermon 27/08/2017
How did a group of 400 exiled outcasts turn everything around in 5 years?  They came back stronger than ever, what can we learn from their example? Watch or listen as Ken reveals 8 truths we can apply to our own lives today, all for the glory of God.  
1 Samuel 22:1-2

The Blood and the Anointing

David Ballard
Sermon 20/08/2017
“I want to show you why the blood without the anointing is salvation without the power” (David Ballard) 


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