May 2019

God’s Finishing Grace

Have you ever been in a race? What was it like? Did you win or come last? We’re all in the race of life but according to God, it’s not about coming first. How you start doesn’t matter, it’s how you finish that counts. It’s all about finishing well. Maybe your dreams have not yet […]

February 2019

Why Would God Choose You?

Did you ever think that Jesus hijacked Peter’s boat? Did you ever wonder why Jesus even chose Peter? Think about it for a moment. Jesus, the Word made flesh, through whom everything was created, requested to use Peter’s boat. Why did He do this? Jesus needed a way to get the Good News out! Having […]

January 2019

Just Imagine

The Imagine Project – what is it? Is it a new ministry centre for Hope Community Church (which is a miracle by the way)? Yes, but it’s so much more!  Hope is here to stay because God will have His way. Just imagine a place where the Lord is free to do His best work […]