May 2019

Forgive and Forgiven

Sometimes we struggle to understand the things of God.  This shouldn’t surprise us as His Word tells us His ways are not our ways.  Sometimes the Lord requires things from us that we find very difficult.  One such example is the command to forgive all people of all sin always. By ourselves this is impossible […]

April 2019

Be About T.E.C.H.

Technology is now a big part of our lives.Like most things in the world, there are issues with it but it can be an effective tool to reach people. Reaching people is what Jesus calls us to do, we must go where the people are. In this message Troy will briefly show you some of […]

February 2019


In Genesis we read how amazing God is and how good His creation was, by Chapter 6 it seemed as if it was all over. Let’s remember the impact of Noah’s story, the picture that’s presented for us, the spiritual truths it reveals. It illustrates the power of faithfulness and the Good News of Jesus. […]