God’s Not Dead

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God’s not dead, He’s surely alive! Join Pastor Nigel on this awesome testimony on why he knows God is alive. The biggest confirmations come from witnessing the miraculous.  This is an amazing list of God’s grace.  There’s the changes in himself and others, multiple healings, answered prayers and baptisms.  Of course, let’s not forget the amazing Imagine Project, what a miracle! You can feel the tangible presence of God in this place, that’s real.  Holy Spirit is moving and it’s exciting.  Those who go with what Holy Spirit is doing will reap the harvest and do amazing exploits for God.  They will be under the spout where the blessing pours out.  People will come in broken, receive healing and salvation. That’s how awesome and alive God is.  The Lord is preparing us for such a time as this, won’t you be a part of it today?