The Temple of God – Building the Temple (Part Three)

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Sermon Notes

The delivery of this sermon, like all of mine, is surely not perfect.  Nevertheless, I’ve no doubt it was delivered by the power of God.  I say this because as our Sunday service was about to start I became aware of a missed call from my mother.  I did suspect it was news about my Nan (grandmother) who was not doing well.  So it was, my Nan passed at 8:32 am this morning.  I was scheduled to preach within the hour.  It was difficult and I wanted wisdom from Holy Spirit as to what I should do.  The offer was made to forgo preaching this morning.  However I wanted to show God and His power to be real again today.  I wanted to trust Him again.  I felt to share the situation with the congregation and if they’d agree, I’d push through.  Additionally, my Nan was one of the first who supported me on this path (to be a pastor/preacher) and I wanted to honour her by dedicating this message to her today.  Thank you for your prayers and support and I pray you will be blessed by this message. 
We are all called to build the Temple of God.  We are now this very temple.  In part one, we learned from Solomon’s experience when building the first temple, we need two things 1) THE RIGHT PURPOSE  – to glorify the Lord 2) THE RIGHT PERSON  –If you have Jesus, that’s you.  In part two, we discovered the next requirement – TRUE PEACE Jesus is the Prince of peace, He is victorious and with Him we can win any battle.  In today’s message we look at laying the PROPER FOUNDATION on which to build.   God bless you! 
1 Kings 5 & 6; 1 Corinthians 3:10-17