This is Amazing Grace

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Jesus came to reveal the amazing grace of God.  What is this grace?  One awesome definition is the undeserved favour of God to sinful man.  His grace is motivated by His love for us and is completely free.  Nothing we can do will make God love us more  or less, that’s amazing grace. The Word of God gives us multiple examples of what this grace looks like. None are more powerful than that of Jesus.  One week He arrived to the praise of the people on a donkey.  The next week those same people called for Him to be crucified.  Jesus still came knowing this to be so, that’s amazing grace.  We can’t handle the burdens of life, Jesus can and He will take them, that’s amazing grace.  This grace is ongoing for us everyday, it is our source for life.  Everything is because of His abundant grace.  We can go boldly into the very throne room of God, the throne of grace. 
Luke 19:28-44; Psalm 89:14; Hebrews 4:14-16; Romans 5