The Elephant in the Room

Just want to encourage you where ever you are today.  Have you ever had an elephant in the room?  Everyone knows he is there but no one wants to talk about it or do anything about it.Everyone knows the elephant is a problem and he is big and smelly and noisy but over time we just get used to him causing trouble and making a mess!  So here’s the question, why do we put up with the elephant in the room?  Perhaps we put up with the  elephant because we don’t want the confrontation or the conflict?  Perhaps we just settle for the status quo and don’t want to rock the boat even if we know that things would be better if we deal with the elephant?  Perhaps we genuinely don’t want to hurt others’ feelings?  The elephant probably came in when he was small and it wasn’t a big issue but we let him stay and he got bigger and bigger.  The problem with elephants is that when there’s an elephant in your marriage or your family or your church or your work place it puts great strain on your relationships and because large elephants are very strong they can even break your relationships! 

You could even have an elephant just hanging out with you and your friends.  Truth is, this elephant is doing you no favours.  We all want good relationships and we all want to do life better and the only way to have that is to deal with the elephant and put him outside where he belongs.  It takes more than one person to move an elephant, so it’s important to get together and gang up on the elephant and not each other.  Here’s 6 simple steps to evict your elephant:

  1.  Acknowledge he is there
  2. Choose the right time
  3. Plan with the other people in the room how to deal with the elephant (there is strength in numbers)
  4. Get to the heart of the matter
  5. Be sensitive to how others in the room are feeling 
  6. Keep the communication open and honest 


The sooner the elephant is asked to leave the better, then relationships can become all God intended them to be.  Is there an elephant you have to deal with today? Don’t delay!  Get that elephant out of your room before it becomes a fully fledged circus.
God bless you heaps
Pastor Nigel 

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  1. Nigel says:

    Thankyou for Friday’s message it was very timely and I really think it’s awesome
    I do love elephants but not in my house

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