The Frog Pit

Just a little faith message to boost your day.  A group of frogs were walking in the forest, suddenly some of the frogs fell into a deep pit.  They hopped and hopped and jumped andjumped and desperately tried to get out!  The other frogs were sitting around the top edge of the pit, but they were very negative about the situation and kept saying things like:
“You’ll never get out.  This is a deep pit.”
“You can’t jump high enough, this is futile”
“You are going to die in that pit “
“You’re so stupid for falling into that pit.”
“There’s no hope for you.”
“You should give up.“

As the negativity rained down upon the frogs in the pit they started to believe what the negative frogs were saying and as they got tired and exhausted they slowly stopped jumping. They had resigned to failure, except for one particular frog.  The louder and the more negative the comments, the harder and higher he jumped!  Then miraculously, he jumped out of the pit!  He had made it.  The negative frogs couldn’t believe what they saw!

The negative frogs said to him, “Did you not hear us?“  He turned on his hearing aid and answering them he said. “No, I couldn’t hear you. I’m deaf.  I thought you were yelling encouragement to us and it made me try harder and harder until I got out.“

Whatever God has called you to do don’t give up and never ever, ever listen to the negative comments from negative people who have nothing better to do than to try and limit you!  Certainly there is a time and place for seeking wise counsel from people who love you and care about you.

  • Dont listen to the naysayers that say it can’t be done.
  • Don’t listen to people who want to pull you down.
  • Listen to people who want to lift you up.
  • Listen to people who encourage you to pursue the dreams that God has given you.

Until you have God in your life, you don’t know what you’re capable of.  God has a plan for your life!  God loves you!  God cares about you!  God wants His best for you!

Refuse to listen to the negativity, keep trying, keep jumping, keep believing.  Listen to God and trust God.  Be obedient to what He says to do and He will help you get out of the pit. Life’s too short to spend it in a pit.  Get up! Get out! Go for a walk in the forest, you may just come across a group of frogs.  God bless you heaps

Pastor Nigel

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  1. Jo-anne says:

    Awesome just an awesome message pastor Nigel
    Thanks for the encouragement

  2. Jo-anne says:

    Awesomelove it !

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