The Story of Love and Ego

Has this world got you down?  Need some encouragement today?  Truth is, we get the greatest encouragement from God!  There is great strength in a relationship with God. 
  • He is so faithful
  • He is loving (The Bible says God is LOVE)
  • He is patient
  • He is kind
  • He is wise 


The other place we can find encouragement is in good relationships.  If you’re like me, we don’t always do relationships well.  Sometimes the harder I try, the more I stuff it up.

What I think happens is we get so focused on the issue that we simply forget to “LOVE”.  My grandma used to say, “It’s always better to be kind than to be right.”

Once upon a time there was a beautiful tropical island where all the FEELINGS lived together.  One day there was a raging storm and the sea began to rise and rise and rise!  The island was about to go under and all the FEELINGS were about to drown!  Every FEELING was scared but LOVE made a boat to escape.  All the FEELINGS jumped on the boat ready to escape, but one FEELING wouldn’t get on board.  LOVE got down out of the boat to see who it was, It was EGO!  LOVE tried and tried to get EGO on the boat but he was so stubborn and he refused to go.  The water was rising, it was time to go!  All the other FEELINGS yelled at LOVE, “Leave EGO! Let’s Go!”
LOVE dies because of EGO
But LOVE was made to LOVE.  In the end all the FEELINGS escaped and LOVE died with EGO on the island. What’s the moral of this story?  LOVE dies because of EGO.  So can I encourage you today, don’t let EGO kill the LOVE in your relationships today.  Leave him on the island!  If you need more LOVE in your life, then go to God and fill your LOVE tank and then you’ve got plenty to share with others.

God bless you heaps, 

Pastors Nigel 

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