The Temple of God 
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November 2018

The Temple of God – Building The Temple (Part Seven)

What a journey this series has been!  Join assistant pastor Troy as he wraps up the series by delving more deeply into the why.  Why are we to build the Temple of God within us, why are we still on earth after salvation? At the end of the book of Revelation we’re given some answers.  The purpose of the revelation, to encourage u

October 2018

The Temple of God – Building The Temple (Part Six)

This is the second part of the message on how to Protect The Temple.  As we’ve already learned, we are the Temple of God as Holy Spirit dwells within us.  In this message of the 7 part series Pastor Troy addresses the issues that led to the destruction of the Temple built by King Solomon (HINT: it was sin).  It’s such an unfortunate result from the amazing journey of the Israelites to this point in history.  Learn how you can protect your temple from the same fate.  As always, our hope is found in the grace of God personified in Jesus. 

August 2018

The Temple of God – Building the Temple (Part Five)

God calls each of us to work with Holy Spirit to build up the Temple of God (For us, this is our very bodies because we are now the Temple of God).  In this session, Assistant Pastor Troy talks about how we need to Protect the Temple.  We’re building something special with the Lord, for His glory and His purposes (to bring others into an eternal relationship with Him).  Our work is in danger from